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Information Materials and catalogs

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MB Building Kit System 8

A whole array of product lines but just one system. The MB 8 offers a clear overview of the entire item product range as well as many more helpful features.




Electronic media:

Special catalogues:

The item Work Bench System 2.2

The ergonomic work bench system - Comprehensive Catalogue.
Your own customised work bench configured from our broad, standardised portfolio – fast, flexible, economical and ergonomic.

Line X

The X stands for the design line. Designed for use in cleanrooms, these profiles feature a new neat, closed design with completely regular sides.



New products 2015/I

The MB Building Kit System, the Work Bench System and the LP Building Kit System: Experience innovation – new item products for 2015/ I.

New products 2014/I

The MB Building Kit System, the Work Bench System and the LP Building Kit System: Experience innovation – new item products for 2014/I.

09/2013 Work Bench System / MB / XMS

The MB Building Kit System, the Work Bench System, Line XMS and the LP Building Kit System – all in one catalogue. Experience innovation - new item products for 2013/II.

04/2013 TPS – Stairway/Platform System

Inspired by the Olympic motto "Faster, Higher, Stronger", item is bringing a whole new dimension to factory equipment

09/2012 Work Bench System / MB

Ergonomic work bench systems and innovative enhancements for the MB Building Kit System – discover new ideas from item.

09/2012 - Line XMS

Clean lines on the outside, ingenious details on the inside – Line XMS meets all the requirements of modular series production.

09/2011 - Work bench systems

Work benches for assembly, maintenance, repair and testing systems. Several basic table variants, a range of working surfaces in various sizes and the right accessories for any application. 

09/2010 Line 10 / MB

Line 10 / MB Building Kit System - Discover new dimensions.

New Products 04/2011

In this catalogue: The manual, height-adjustable work bench 2 F for light to medium-weight loads, ergonomic Chairs for seated and standing work benches that ensure fatigue-free and efficient working practices.

09/2010 - Work bench systems

Work bench systems - Ergonomics in its purest form.



New Products 04/2010

The innovative products for work bench interlinking, protective enclosures and mechanical drives are fully compliant with current safety standards for machine protection. 

New Products 09/2009

New ideas for adjustment devices, devices for hanging up tools, and practical devices for holding materials so they are ready when needed. 



New Products 04/2009

The MB Building Kit System is growing, with the addition of electrostatically dissipative profile fasteners and Cover Profiles, new floor elements such as the Foot Mounting Bracket and L-Based Foot, new Hinges with a 270° opening angle and an innovative Positioning Set for various adjustment operations.

New Products 09/2008

The MB Building Kit System is being expanded, with the addition of numerous variations for Lines 5 and 6. These include fastening elements, lockable T-Slot Nuts and a panel-fixing profile for panel elements.

New Products 04/2008

New profiles open up new opportunities. Line X is being extended to include removable groove covers and the appropriate tools. Additional new products include innovative fastening elements and electrostatically dissipative Roller Elements.

New Products 09/2007

Innovative products ranging from ESD fasteners to versatile components such as the T-Slot Slider, Track and Telescope. For new, multi-faceted applications for constructing cost-effective facilities.


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