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SystemMobile S

Compact class.

  • Lightweight and manoeuvrable
SystemMobiles S
SystemMobiles S are exceptionally compact. These manoeuvrable picking and provisioning trolleys get tools and small quantities of materials to where they are needed – fast. The single central column is also available in a height-adjustable version. The all-round edging on the tray makes sure everything stays put so that both standard storage boxes and individual items can be moved around as necessary.
The lightweight SystemMobiles S get spare parts and working materials directly to the place of work. Their fully adjustable tilt angle puts everything in easy reach. While the standard models feature a fixed working height (680 or 950 mm), the lifting column of SystemMobile S41T with its gas spring provides additional versatility. The load-carrying capacity of the tray is 300 N (the gas spring can lift a load of 200 N).
Four Swivel Castors with double-brakes deliver exceptional manoeuvrability while ensuring the system stays put when required. SystemMobiles S are also available in ESD-safe variants.
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