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New Products 2017/I (Spring)

New Products 2017/I (Spring)
Lean Production Building Kit System
More responsiveness! The compact Pivot Bearing Set D30-28.5 M8 can be used to build Karakuri / low-cost automation applications for lightweight containers and material. Thanks to a fixed and floating bearing, a profile can turn easily around its longitudinal axis.
More support! The unbroken aluminium web of Double Profile Tube D30-60 connects two integrated Profile Tubes D30. This continuous connection significantly increases bending strength in vertical applications compared to when using two separate Profile Tubes D30.
More movement! They are the perfect solution for Karakuri / low-cost automation – Tool Balancers with a synthetic fibre cable from item. Synthetic fibre cables are extremely tear-resistant and can be easily re-routed via small pulleys.
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