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New Products 2016/II (Autumn)

New Products 2016/II (Autumn)
Work Bench System
More freedom! Our height-adjustable Monitor Arms help you position flatscreen monitors quickly and accurately. The new Pivot Arms can be moved in all directions, making them ideal ergonomic accessories. The practical pivot function means that screens can be turned through 90°.
More storage space! The generously proportioned Cable Duct E 160x160 is ideal for hiding away plenty of cables, plugs and power packs. Everything is stored safely away from dust. The Cable Duct is delivered complete with lid and accessories in the appropriate length for item work benches.
More choice! The large, aluminium Conduit Profile U 160x160 SE offers plenty of room for configuring custom solutions that help keep the workplace clear and tidy. Compatible Assembly Sets for Conduit Profiles U make it easier to mount the solution to Line 8 profiles.
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