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Linear Units KLE - High performance and compact

New Products: Linear Units KLE

Linear Units KLE -
High performance and compact.

item compact Linear Units combine the functionality of a linear guide with an integrated belt drive in a minimum of space. They are suitable for high-speed positioning jobs, are quiet in travel and feature low-wear, heavy-duty drive elements.

The benefits at a glance:

  1. Powerful yet compact
  2. Long service life and easy running thanks to large Rollers
  3. All internal functional elements covered by the Timing Belt and protected against contact and soiling
  4. Greater safety, since no moving external parts
  5. Available in the modular dimensions of Lines 6 and 8
  6. item profile grooves for securing and assembling add-on parts
  7. Low maintenance; all elements accessible from outside
  8. Axis lengths can be customised, up to max. housing length of 6000 mm
  9. Motors are easily attached using universal coupling elements included in the Drive Set
  10. Several Linear Units can be synchronised with a single drive motor
  11. Integrated fastening of Proximity Switches and integrated cable routing
  12. Modular design ensures short delivery times


Linear Units KLE Accessories
Linear Units KLE are augmented by a range of useful accessories that enable simple attachment of slide constructions and drive modules.

Linear Units KLE Carriage Plates
The Carriage Plates offer a prefabricated or customisable means of attaching moving parts to the Linear Units KLE. When used with multi-axis systems, the Carriage Plate also forms a stable fastening for interconnected Linear Units.

Linear Units KLE Drive Sets
The Drive Sets enable all motors to be connected easily to Drive Units of the Linear Units KLE. This modular concept has the benefit of low processing requirements and rigid torque transmission.

Synchronising Sets
Several Linear Units KLE can be connected to parallel, coupled drive systems using prepared Synchronising Sets. No further processing is required other than cutting the Connecting Shaft to length.

Linear Units KLE Proximity Switches
Special profile grooves in the Linear Units KLE housings allow free placement of integrated Proximity Switches (up to 4 per Linear Unit). Reference and terminal points can thus be defined using the standard Slide switching plate.

Linear Units KLE Design
Sophisticated technology and design. The item Compact Linear Unit won the red dot Design Award 2008 and was nominated for the German Design Awarf 2008.

Linear Units KLE Information
Find more details about our Compact Linear Units KLE in our online catalogue.


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