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Line X - New contours for profiles and elements

New Products: Line X

New contours for profiles and elements in the item MB Building Kit System:
The X stands for the design line.

Profiles X: Maximum functionality and precise contours.
Designed for use in clean-rooms, these profiles feature a new neat, closed design with completely regular sides. The smallest possible edge radius results in a smooth, virtually seamless connection between profiles used in cleanroom applications. The key to this sophisticated technology is the covered profile
grooves. These concealed grooves can be accessed in a matter of moments by breaking through the covering, thus opening up a huge range of fastening options almost instantaneously wherever required. And only necessary - elsewhere the silky smooth anodised aluminium surface remains unbroken.

Components X: Consistently practical and with uncluttered lines. The straight lines of the clean room profiles are reflected in the shapes and colouring of the adjustable feet. Handles and matching components for attaching panels and moveable frame elements. Unobtrusive grey end caps close off the cut edges of the profiles at the end-faces. The tidy straight lines are applied consistently throughout the design and give the finished construction a harmonious overall appearance.

Line X: boasts impressive qualities - this modular system with modular dimensions enables users to construct supporting and enclosing structures quickly and flexibly. The main advantage of the enclosed design is easy to see: dirt cannot get into the groove. As a result profile constructions made using Line X ideal for use in industrial applications where cleanliness is a top priority:

- Enclosure & guard systems on machines
- Products for use in cleanrooms
- Partitioning within a room
- Shelving and showcases


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