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Verlinkungen zu anderen Webseiten

Links to external websites

Under German law, the owner of a website may be liable for the content of an external website if a link to that site is provided. This can only be avoided by publishing a corresponding disclaimer.

This is it:
With regard to all links on our website, we hereby expressly point out that we have no influence at all on the layout or content of websites to which we provide a link. As a result, we explicitly refuse to accept any liability whatever for any of the content of any kind published or available on external sites to which we have provided a link. This disclaimer applies to all links made available on our website and all the content on all the sites accessible through those links.

Our webmaster rejects all liability and/or warranty for the accuracy of the articles, results, statistics and information published here and in particular when these are provided by Third Parties or result from unsolicited images and copy.

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