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Product information mechanical engineering

Mechanical and factory equipment

Frames used in prototype assembly often have to carry heavy loads.

This heavy-duty workpiece carrier can be used to transport even very large components safely

The all-purpose shelf and storage solution

This material lock with closed grooves is attractive, easy to clean and secure

This mobile testing booth is ideal for systems that are required at a number of different locations.

Leakage testing frame made from item components – Mitre-Fastening Sets mean that fastenings are possible at angles of between 30° and 90°, and between 60° and 180° when using Mitre-Butt-Fastening Sets. Reinforcing with Profiles 8 R40-45° (also available for 30°, 60° and 90°) help to further stabilise the overhang.

Stable, heavy-duty table design for a wide range of industrial applications

This robust, low-maintenance, two-axis positioning system is easily fixed in place as and when required

Flexible, customisable trolley for transporting materials

This two-axis positioning system takes up very little space


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